“There is just something romantic and fulfilling about the process…knowing that I carved something out from scratch for others' enjoyment is really the driving force at SAGRA.”

Others may describe Mitchel as obsessive and selfless, but when asked about himself you will probably get the reply,
“I'm just a cook.”

Though humble, there may be a little more going on beneath the surface of the creative force behind SAGRA Food and Wine.

Inspired by a mix of rustic Italian classics, Roman street food, and the red-sauce of childhood, SAGRA was an easy fit for Mitchel. If he can make it from scratch, he will. His food is simply rustic, yet well conceived and refined. However, he loves his Wisconsin roots and will not hesitate to remain an advocate for Hellmann’s mayonnaise, sprinkle on the sarvecchio or deep-fry anything just for the hell of it.

Cutting his teeth in area restaurants before working in some of Portland, Oregon’s mainstay establishments; Mitchel’s eclectic background and previous experiences radiate through each and every plate. But on days away from work you can catch him ruffling through old baseball cards and spending time with his family. 

Butcher. Baker. Mover and Shaker.

Hey there. I'm Mitchel.